Benefits of Vaccination

  • Protect yourself from severe infection

  • Protect your family and community members 

  • Socialize with other vaccinated people safely

  • according to the CDC

  • Prevent more dangerous types of COVID from Arising

Image by CDC

Vaccination is Deportation Safe 

  • ICE will not carry out enforcement operations at or near health care facilities

  • DHS is committed to ensuring that everyone can get a vaccine regardless of immigration status

Common Side Effects-

Usually last less than a week

  • Sore Shoulder

  • Fever ,Chills

  • Feeling Tired

Rare Serious Side Effects

  •  Allergic Shock- risk about 2 per million doses, predicted by previous  allergic reactions, 

  • On 4/23; a risk of 1 in 6000 cases was reported with 1 hospitalization, no deaths